Volume II (2022-23)

Student Law Journal
DNLU SLJ Volume II – 2023

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Editor’s Note

Article | Analyzing the Conflict Between Trademark and Copyright Law in Light of the Protectability of Fictional Characters by Vedant Saxena

Article | Convictions Based on Circumstantial Evidence: Does A Bias Exist? by Pranav Kumar

Article | Professional Ethos for Law Students by Advocate Satyakam

Article | From ‘Islamic Republic’ to ‘Islamic Emirate’ of Afghanistan: Recognition under International Law by Atul Kumar Dubey & Aditya Tripathi

Article | Understanding Digital Money as A New Modus of Money Laundering: Legal Introspection in India by Tissy Annie Thomas

Article | Inter-Relations of Metaverse and its Importance in Competitive Market by Aranya Nath & Srabani Behera

Article | Commercialisation of Surrogacy in India – A Critical Analysis by Spandana Reddy Bommu

Article | An Age where Eyes Can’t be Trusted: Image Manipulation Through Deepfakes by Gowri Dev & Akshay Pramodh

Article | Block This, Block that! A Meticulous Approach to Dynamic Injunctions in India & EU by Siddharth Saxena

Article | Sentencing Policy: An Invigoration that Indian Criminal Jurisprudence is in need by Prakhar Dubey

Case Comment | ABC v State of Maharashtra: The way forward for Reproductive and Decisional Autonomy by Toshita Joshi & Shishir Kumar Rai