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Kush Kalra Paragon of Gender Equality and Women Candidature in NDA Exam: A Critique of Women Entry in Indian Army

Abstract The right against discrimination is bestowed by the Indian Constitution and given by people to themselves by respecting and creating a nation of equals. Revering this right, all institutions are urged to develop a gender-neutral and inclusive environment. Armed forces have long fallen back into their patriarchal seats, viewing, controlling, and regulating entry into Continue reading

Divesting Female Professionals of Their Righteous Future: Implication of Maternal Penalty and Strive Between Equity- Equality

Amisha Raghuvanshi & Vidushi Keshan This article provides a comprehensive view of the struggle of pregnant women and mothers in workplaces by drawing a comparison to the male employees. It reflects on the existing inequalities against pregnant women in the workplace with few of the instances that have been brought to light. As most of Continue reading