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DNLU Student Law Journal, in collaboration with REGSTREET Law Advisors

About the Competition

The competition is an opportunity for legal enthusiasts to engage with the intricate dimensions of Capital Markets and Securities Laws. It aims to foster critical thinking, innovative analysis, and scholarly exploration of the challenges and prospects within the field of Capital Markets and Securities Laws. Through this competition, the Student Law Journal strives to bring together a community of legal experts and scholars who can contribute to advancing the study and understanding of securities law.

Theme & Sub-Themes

Under this some of the suggestive sub-themes that the students can explore includes:

  1. Jurisdiction of SEBI.
  2. Regulating the regulators.
  3. Constitutional issues in Securities Law.
  4. Regulations on Market Manipulations.
  5. Cross-Border Regulations in Capital Markets.
  6. Sustainable Finance and ESG Reporting.
  7. Regulations on Alternative Investment Funds.
  8. Future of security – ICOs, Blockchain & Digital Currency.
  9. Artificial Intelligence in the Securities Markets.
  10. Corporate Governance challenges in the 21st century.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Word limit: 1500-2000 words, exclusive of the abstract and footnotes.
  2. Word limit for the abstract: 100 to 150 words.
  3. Essays must be original, unpublished, non-plagiarised and shall not be under simultaneous consideration for publication elsewhere.
  4. Main body of the essay: Times New Roman, Font Size 12, line spacing 1.5 and justified alignment.
  5. Footnotes must be cited strictly in accordance with the latest OSCOLA (4th edition) format. No end-notes or descriptive footnotes are permitted.
  6. Footnotes: Times New Roman font, Font Size 10 and line spacing 1.0.
  7. Copyright of the essays selected for publication shall vest with DNLU.


  1. Student/ research scholars enrolled in any UG/PG/PHD course from any Indian University are eligible to participate in the competition.
  2. Co-authorship (maximum two) of entries is allowed. 
  3. Multiple entries are not allowed from the same authors.


  1. Registrations and Submissions Open:  2nd November 2023
  2. Deadline for Registrations and Essay Submissions: 15th December 2023 (Extended)
  3. Declaration of Results: 29th January 2024 (Extended)


Cash Prizes

  1. Winner: INR 10,000/- 
  2. First Runner-up: INR 7,500/-
  3. Second Runner-up: INR 5,000/-

Internship Opportunity

The author(s) of the top three essays i.e., (i) Winner, (ii) First Runner-up and (iii) Second Runner-up, will get the opportunity to intern with Regstreet Law Advisors as per the Internship Policy of the firm.


Top five entries will be published in the DNLU Student Law Journal (Online Blog Platform).

Certificate of Merit

A ‘Certificate of Merit’ shall be provided to the top ten entries.

Certificate of Participation

A ‘Certificate of Participation’ shall be provided to all the entries.

Registration & Submission

For registration and submission, the participants need to fill the Submission Form.

Registration Fee

Single authorship: INR 200/-

Co-authorship (up to a maximum of two authors): INR 300/-

*QR Code for Payment through UPI is given in the form.

Further details of the Competition can be found in the brochure below:


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