ABC v State of Maharashtra: The way forward for Reproductive and Decisional Autonomy

Toshita Joshi & Shishir Kumar Rai The Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971 was introduced to ensure safe and legal access to abortion facilities for women. The Act, while being a significant legislation, has several impediments in form of insufficient infrastructure, lack of privacy, and below par awareness. The case comment deals with an appeal Continue reading

Block This, Block that! A Meticulous Approach to Dynamic Injunctions in India & EU

Siddharth Saxena In digital space, files can be shared in no time. If a website is blocked or taken down by injunction through the court’s order, within minutes a mirror website appears that hosts the same data hosted on the parent website. These are also known as rogue websites. The copyright infringement thereupon continues through Continue reading

An Age where Eyes Can’t be Trusted: Image Manipulation Through Deepfakes

Gowri Dev & Akshay Pramodh Digital transformation in recent years has normalised the distortion of reality on the internet. It took an exponential leap with the advent of ‘deepfake’ technology. Machine learning has now enabled the manipulation of content to produce hyper-realistic false content resistant to detection. Like any other invention, while deepfakes have their Continue reading

Commercialisation of Surrogacy in India – A Critical Analysis

Spandana Reddy Bommu India has a thriving market for surrogacy for couples worldwide because of the many surrogate mothers involved and the considerably lower process expense. Furthermore, the absence of laws regulating surrogacy has resulted in greater acceptability of commercial surrogacy in India. Nevertheless, a significant concern is needed, such as surrogate woman victimisation and Continue reading

Inter-Relations of Metaverse and its Importance in Competitive Market

Aranya Nath & Srabani Behera Since the development of the Internet in the 1990s till date, there has been considerable progress in the virtual environment. The Internet has opined ways for users to use cyberspace through social “media platforms” and has brought digital transformation from cell phones to Smartphones and Artificial Intelligence. The Metaverse is Continue reading

Understanding Digital Money as A New Modus of Money Laundering: Legal Introspection in India

Tissy Annie Thomas Digitisation has revolutionised the daily interactions of individuals, business organisations and the State authorities among themselves. Cryptocurrency is a product of this digitisation which has taken the world by storm. Cryptocurrencies offer anonymity and decentralisation- a total turnaround from the conventional centralised financial systems. Therefore, every discussion on or around cryptocurrencies begins Continue reading

From ‘Islamic Republic’ to ‘Islamic Emirate’ of Afghanistan: Recognition under International Law

Atul Kumar Dubey & Aditya Tripathi Afghanistan: “the graveyards of empires” made the US and its allies bogged down in this graveyard. The “respected” US pull-out to prevent the embarrassment of hanging chinook helicopter scenes from the Vietnam War has put the country into the hands of fundamentalists who were once funded by the CIA Continue reading

Convictions Based on Circumstantial Evidence: Does A Bias Exist?

Pranav Kumar Convictions based on circumstantial evidence are not uncommon. However, there seems to be an adjudicatory difference in the treatment accorded to such evidence by the judges. This article attempts to study such differences and rationalise it. To that end, it shows that despite the Courts explicitly declaring parity between circumstantial and direct evidence Continue reading